Getting There

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If your particular question is not answered below, please write us an email at:

We select all accommodation and lodges on the basis of high quality, personal service, boutique character and infinite charm. They are, wherever possible, small, private, locally owned and operated and are environmentally active and sensitively operated and constructed in fragile areas. If you want to know more please call us and we can describe all accommodation in detail to you.

We do not process visas in our offices, but recommend a visa service when you book. Dozens of nationalities, including Australians, New Zealanders, North Americans and virtually all Europeans, receive a tourist visa upon entry, valid for 30 days.
It is sometimes possible to obtain a visa for longer than 30 days in your home country; this is more often the case at Sri Lanka?s bigger overseas missions, in London and Washington for example. The latest regulations are given at Extensions can be made at the Department of Immigration (011-532 9300;; 41 Ananda Rajakaruna Mw, Col 10; 9am-4.30pm Mon-Fri), in Punchi Borella, Colombo. The last payments are received at 3.30pm.
The department sets the cost in US dollars, but you pay in rupees. A visa extension gives you a full three months in the country and you can apply for your extension almost as soon as you arrive (the 30-day visa given upon entry is included in the three months). A further three-month extension is possible, but you must again pay the extension fee plus another Rs 10,000. Extensions beyond this are at the discretion of the department, and incur a Rs 15,000 fee plus the extension fee. See above for fees for the first 90-day extension.
The whole process takes about an hour. First, go to the 1st-floor office and pick up a visa-extension application form from the person closest to the door. You then work your way along the counter, through six or seven stages of stamps and receipts. Then you wait 30 minutes or so while your passport works its way back down the counter and is returned to you. You will need your passport, an onward ticket and either a credit card or foreign exchange receipts.

Yes. For all destinations you will require a full passport valid for at least six months from the date of travel. Visas can take up to one or more full page of your passport so please make sure there is enough space.